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Lynn Woods Reservation is the second largest municipal park in the greater Boston area. This 2,200 acre forest reserve consists of ponds, wetlands, streams, deciduous/evergreen forest and rocky ledge. The ponds provide the drinking water for the residents of Lynn and surrounding communities. Wildlife abounds in the forest. Well over 100 species of birds inhabit or seasonally frequent the woods. A large rodent population supports such predators as hawks, owls and red tail fox. More than an aquifer, more than a wildlife preserve, more than a wilderness experience, Lynn Woods is a rare and unique adventure.

Come and seek out the Great Frog, Pirate, and Balanced Boulders. See for yourself the Wolf Pits, which still exist and have long held their prey. Come ye all to Dungeon Rock. Venture into the cave in search of Thomas Veal's pirate treasure - still not claimed since that fateful earthquake in 1658 which entombed Veal and his treasure.

Come visit the restored Rose Garden. Feel the cool breezes blowing through the cedar grove. Picnic in the shade of the old oak trees. Behold the panoramic view of Lynn from Lantern Rock and the skyline view of Boston from Mt. Gilead. See for miles from Stone Tower on Burrill Hill. Follow the narrow paths along Birch, Walden, and Breed's Ponds. Smell the pine at Hemlock Ridge. Enjoy the bold gray rock formations veiled in the green of spring, the shades of the sturdy oaks of summer, the colorful maples in fall, and the rolling hills covered in pure white snow.

Lynn Woods awaits your exploration and enjoyment. You will come to love and appreciate the woods as did the early settlers and citizens who wisely preserved it for all generations.

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