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Poetry Inspired by Lynn Woods

Here you will find poems inspired by the beauty of Lynn Woods. These poems were written by people who have enjoyed walking through Lynn Woods over the years. If you would like to submit your poem(s), please send them to:
Friends of Lynn Woods
P.O. Box 8216
Lynn, MA 01904

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Nature's Change

by Sunny Santry
(originally published in November 2001 newsletter)
Autumn shades of nature's love
That burst with brilliance of jewels on trees,
So warm and friendly to a lonely dove,
Heavy with dew in morning's breeze.
Brilliant gold is rising in perfect blue,
As magical white puffs float gently high.
Dreams are born and all is new,
Of memories treasured of days gone by.
Chilling winds will soon change all,
Gone will be colors that now are aglow.
In wait stark trees silently call,
To soon be dressed in winter's snow.


by Jeanette C. Maes
(originally published in July 1999 newsletter)
At first they only nibbled here and there.
(before such a grand feast why should they want?)
especially when Spring spread such a lucious
array...Why shouldn't they let their need graze?

A horseshoe court a swing set for the kids
Just a few feet for an asphalt driveway.
Who would miss such a small crumb from OUR huge cake?
So, they enlisted in the army, "On the Take!"

First, just the small-time pickpockets of the land
who, in ignorance just didn't understand.
They were not really bent on doing harm
And when they had the error of their ways
Shown in its ugliness, set their wrongs to right.
Those we can forgive, for they have taught us
Need for steady vigilance patrol,

But, what about the others with intent,
who plan and plot and wheel and deal each year.
Who fan greedy fires of covetousness
and have no love or respect for green space.
The ones who spit, "Tree Huggers" in our face

And the kindest slur is that we're "just dumb
land lovers, who don't know what progress is!"
The dangerous ones, with their plots and schemes
secretly connected to each other
with common goal sealed with Midas touch.
who have no fear of Cyrus Tracy's ghost?

What about their army surrounding OUR woods.
OUR legacy...a Trust for US
A Legacy recorded and sealed by law.

"Lynn Forest the ancient legitimate
Inheritance of the p e o p l e o f L y n n !

They're at our woods!
We must not let them in!