UPDATED: Committees looking for help

The Membership Committee had its first meeting on June 16, 2004. We've already modified the membership form (see Registration) and we're talking about some other changes that we'd like to implement, but we'd like more input from the membership. Contact Char at admin@flw.org if you would like to volunteer.

The Web Site Committee hasn't had its first meeting yet, but we want to increase the amount of information on the Web site. No HTML experience is necessary, as Char makes all changes to the files. If you want to create articles for the Web site or can research historical information, let Char know at admin@flw.org.

The Fundraising Committee is also ramping up. They've already scheduled their first fundraising event (see the last page for information on the Casino Cruise). If you would like to help think of ways that the FLW can raise money, or if you know of grant programs that we are eligible for, contact Jane Kelley at outreachvp@flw.org.

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Contact the Hot Line at 781-593-7773 with any comments or questions.