In Lynn Woods with Pen and Camera

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In Lynn Woods with Pen and Camera by Nathan Mortimer Hawkes has been reprinted by Higginson Book Company, a publisher of American local histories. This book was originally published in 1893 and had been unavailable.

"In Lynn Woods with Pen and Camera is an illustrated account that describes the beauty and history of Lynn Woods including: Cyrus M. Tracy's development of 'The Exploring Circle' and 1882 plan to preserve the woods by securing titles for the 'Trustees of the Public Forest'; descriptions of the roads, landings, and pastures of the woods; the legendary tale of Dungeon Rock and the pirate treasure that may lie beneath; the use of Ox Pasture along with the watch tower, records of donations with lists of contributors, and more. Also included are facts of interest including area of public grounds and ponds, heights of hills, and Public Park ordinances."

This new 104-page reprint is a facsimile edition, hardbound in high-quality buckram with the title stamped on the spine in gold.

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