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The Friends of Lynn Woods Launch a Bird Hotline

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Are you an avid bird-watcher? Can you identify different species of birds? If so, you'll be able to share your observations and sightings with your fellow Friends by reporting them on the new Bird Hotline at 781-593-7773 or by e-mail to

The purpose of the Bird Hotline is to share information and informally maintain a historical record of the bird life in Lynn Woods. With this record, we can gain an understanding of population and trends and become more aware of the variety of birds that use this habitat.

Friends' member Leslie Courtemanche presented the idea to the FLW Executive Board. "On October 29, 2000, I was hiking with my cousin in Lynn Woods and we spotted a male and female yellow-rumped warbler." Leslie referred to her field guide and confirmed the identity of the two birds. "I thought it would be nice to share this information and that's when I thought of a hotline. The Audubon Society has one, so why not Lynn Woods?" she asked.

The Friends of Lynn Woods invite all bird enthusiasts to call the hotline to report their sightings, especially any unusual ones. We ask that all bird-watching be a passive, quiet, and non-disruptive activity so that the birds are not disturbed or interrupted in any way.

The Hotline will be informal, but please be as accurate as possible by confirming your observations with a field guide. We want the Hotline to be a reliable record, so please use the following criteria when calling in:

We will publish this information in our newsletter and on the web site at If you don't want your name published, just let us know. Your telephone number will never be released.

So get out there with the birds! Put on your hiking shoes, grab your supplies (binoculars, pen and paper, and field guide), and help make our Bird Hotline a reality. We need you to make this a success. Happy birding, and give us a call!

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Contact the Hot Line at 781-593-7773 with any comments or questions.