Old Names in Lynn Woods

by Ranger Dan Small

(originally published in July 2003 newsletter)

As I type these words, the winter of 2003 is finally losing its grip on the woods. The ice is gone and the last of the snow exists in pockets protected from the sun by overhanging branches. I had big plans for this winter. I was going to finish re-marking all of the trails, replace all of the missing and damaged intersection markers, and install "site signs" at points of interest using some of the old, often forgotten names for places in the park. The snow arrived on Christmas and never melted. More snow fell and it compacted into ice. Any of you who visited the park this winter know that footing was treacherous and carrying a ladder around on the ice was definitely out. So much for my plans!

Bringing back some of the old time names is especially interesting to me. The history of the park is well documented and I am lucky to have a treasure trove of books, maps, reports, and newspaper clippings at the Park House. The site signs were never installed, but I did have time to research some of the old names. Some of these were already known to me: Forest Castle, Cornel Path, and the Old Pines were names that appeared frequently and were located on old maps and documented with photographs. Others, such as Sugar Loaf, Halfway Rock, and Poet's Dell, were new and their origins and locations remain a mystery.

I compiled a list of these names and what information I could uncover. It is hardly complete and possibly not accurate.

These names are part of the park's history and should not be allowed to be forgotten. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who had more information about these or knows of more old time names to investigate. Call me at 781-477-7123 or send an e-mail to lwranger@shore.net.

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