Jim Harrington

My father, Bill Harrington, grew up in Lynn. He later moved to Saugus about 1949. When my brother and I were young kids, in the sixties, my father would often take us for walks in Lynn Woods on Sunday mornings. We'd enter through Pennybrook Rd. and go to the top of Lantern Rock first. My father called it Jimbo's rock, in honor of me! After checking the view from there, we'd head up to Dungeon Rock. Dad would have a candle ready to light the way. There was a gap between the rocks above the entrance to Dungeon Rock and I can remember being amazed as my Dad jumped across it while we watched from below.

We'd continue on to Stone Tower. I remember one occasion my father sat me on the window sill of the top floor of the tower. My feet were hanging out. He held on to me tight of course. Years later I questioned him about that, to which he replied, "I did that so you wouldn't be afraid of heights." I'm not afraid of heights now but I doubt that anything to do with it! A few times we went to the steel tower but there were no stairs.

Years later I frequented Lynn woods on my 3 wheel ATV (all terrain vehicle.) I doubt many people get away with that kind of thing these days.

My friend Mike Greene and I visited Lynn Woods a few times, in the 1980's, in search of owls. We'd go to Tomlin's Swamp with my owl call. Late on november afternoons, just after sunset, there were plenty of owls to be heard and seen in that area.

I don't get up to Lynn Woods much these days. I'll make sure I plan a trip soon with my brother and we'll bring our sons, on the same trails our father brought us.

Your site is a great source of information for Lynn Woods. Thank you for your efforts.

Jim Harrington


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