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About the Friends Lynn Woods !

The Friends of Lynn Woods is the primary community group that supports the City in improving and maintaining Lynn Woods. Incorporated in 1990, the “Friends” is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to insure the perpetual existence of the Lynn Woods Reservation.

Our Purpose

The Friends of Lynn Woods have formed to ensure the perpetual existence of the Lynn Woods Reservation as outlined by the Indentured Trust of December of 1881.

Our aim is to protect the Woods from development and exploitation, and maintain the Woods as a natural and unspoiled forest preserve. We will organize and enlist volunteers to undertake projects within the Woods that will enhance but not alter the natural and primeval qualities of the forest.

We will strive to make Lynn Woods a prominent focal point of the City of Lynn. We will educate adults and children alike to the environmental and historical values of Lynn Woods.

The Friends of Lynn Woods will be the means for people to become reacquainted with the Lynn Woods Reservation.

Lynn Woods Reservation is the second largest municipal park in the greater Boston area. This 2,200 acre forest reserve consists of ponds, wetlands, streams, deciduous/evergreen forest and rocky ledge. The ponds provide the drinking water for the residents of Lynn and surrounding communities. Wildlife abounds in the forest. Well over 100 species of birds inhabit or Lynn Woods Logoseasonally frequent the woods. A large rodent population supports such predators as hawks, owls and red tail fox. More than an aquifer, more than a wildlife preserve, more than a wilderness experience, Lynn Woods is a rare and unique adventure.

Lynn Woods awaits your exploration and enjoyment. You will come to love and appreciate the woods as did the early settlers and citizens who wisely preserved it for all generations. For more information on events in Lynn Woods, call the Rangers' program information line at 781-477-7094. Contact the Rangers at 781-477-7123.

View of Boston from Lynn Woods
View of the Boston skyline from Lynn Woods