Which is the highest hill in Lynn?

There seems to be considerable debate regarding the location of the highest point in Lynn. Is it Burrill Hill (site of Stone Tower) or is it High Rock in downtown Lynn? The following list appeared in the 1904 Park Commission report:


285 feet: Burrill Hill (site of Stone Tower)

278 feet: Mt. Hermon (above the Great Woods parking lot)

267 feet: Mt. Gilead (site of the Steel Tower)

250 feet: Weetamoo Cliff

224 feet: Pine Hill (by reservoir)

220 feet: Cedar Hill

212 feet: Mt. Moriah

210 feet: Dungeon Rock

190 feet: High Rock

The Stone tower is 55 feet tall while the tower at High Rock is 85 feet so the top of High Rock Tower is 65 feet lower than the top of the Stone Tower.


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