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(originally published in July 2004 newsletter)

Friends of Lynn Woods Treasurer Paul Gouthro organized the removal of the second-to-last car in Lynn Woods. Last fall, GE Elfun volunteers cut it into manageable pieces and this spring members of the North Shore Rugby Football Club carried it almost a mile from the bank of Birch Pond to Pennybrook Road. The Lynn Water and Sewer Commission then hauled the junk away for recycling.

Car waiting to be removed

Helpers remove car from Woods

The last car in Lynn Woods lies near the Wolf Pits. Friends of Lynn Wood member Adam Spates cut the rusty hulk up a few weeks ago. We hope to have it out of the woods by the end of the summer. The ranger would like to thank Paul, Adam, GE, the rugby team and corporate sponsor Bass Associates (who lent us their saw and blades) for their help with this project.

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