Fall Foliage Tours 2004

On October 16, 2004, the annual Fall Foliage Tours were held in Lynn Woods. This event, run by the Wyoma Lions, Lynn Museum, and Friends of Lynn Woods, lets people board buses for tours of Lynn Woods. Commentary was provided by Steve Babbit, former president of the FLW. The Wyoma Lions donated the buses and refreshments (including coffee, cookies, and Krispy Kreme donuts), while the Lynn Museum took reservations.

Fall Foliage Tours sign

You're heading in the right direction!

welcome from Wyoma Lions and FLW

Members of the FLW and Wyoma Lions welcome visitors to Lynn Woods.

FLW table

Karen Searles and Marguerite Puleo, FLW Executive Board members, welcome two visitors (who became FLW members that day!).

Wyoma Lions table

Wyoma Lions members wear their Krispy Kreme hats behind the refreshment table.

Wyoma Lions and sign

Wyoma Lions pose with their banner.

Visitors board the bus

Visitors board the bus for their tour through Lynn Woods.

Visitors on the bus

Visitors take their seats and wait for the tour to start.

Steve Babbitt provides commentary

Steve Babbitt provided the commentary on the tour, describing the various areas and history.

Visitors check out the Boston skyline

Visitors check out the Boston skyline and foliage at one of the stops.

Boston skyline

Boston skyline from Lynn Woods.


Views of the foliage in Lynn Woods.

Stone Tower

Visitors climb Stone Tower.

View from Stone Tower

View from Stone Tower.

Bus waits at Stone Tower

Bus waits for everyone to return from Stone Tower.

Outside Dungeon Rock

Outside Dungeon Rock.

Pictures taken by Bob Hartshorn, Wyoma Lions; Helen Babbit, FLW member; and Char James-Tanny, FLW Executive Administrator.

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