Dungeon Rock Day in Lynn Woods - 2004

On Saturday, October 30, 2004, from 11 am to 3 pm, the Friends of Lynn Woods is sponsoring Dungeon Rock Day at Lynn Woods. Unlike previous years, this year's hike is an interactive program for children, with multiple pirate stations set up on the route to and from the dungeon. Tours will leave approximately every 15 minutes from the Pennybrook parking lot (off Walnut St.). Children attending this event must be accompanied by an adult.

The hike draws on the history of Dungeon Rock and Lynn Woods. Toward the end of summer in 1658, a sinister ship was sited in Lynn Harbor. Four crew members left the ship with a chest and rowed up the Saugus River, landing near the Saugus Iron Works. However, British soldiers captured and hung three of the four pirates, while the fourth, Thomas Veal, escaped deep into Lynn Woods. He found a natural cave and lived there in relative peace, until an earthquake sealed the cave opening. Veal was never seen again, and it isn't known if he was trapped inside the cave or killed by the rocks.

Almost two hundred years later, attempts were made to recover the treasure by blasting the cave. The entrance to the cave was destroyed, but the treasure chest was never found. In 1852, spiritualist Hiram Marble came to Dungeon Rock to look for the treasure, after receiving a vision from the ghost of Thomas Veal. Marble purchase five acres around Dungeon Rock, built a number of structures, and started looking for the treasure. Marble died in 1868 and his son Edwin continued to look for the treasure until his death in 1880. Shortly a