Where Did It Come From?

by Ranger Dan Small

(originally published in July 2004 newsletter)

Chimney in Lynn Woods

Photo courtesy Lynn Museum.

This chimney stands in the open area between the softball field and the dam at the end of Walden Pond in the Great Woods Road parking lot.

The question is, what was it for and where did it come from? I asked a few people their opinions and got answers ranging from a fireplace belonging to an old, long demolished house, to a cooking area for picnickers of years gone by.

Scroll down to find out what it really was.


Original railroad station

Photo scanned by Tony Schettino.

The chimney was part of an electric car station that once stood on this site. Electric cars were the primary mode of access to the park before the invention and proliferation of the
automobile. The station was built by the Lynn and Boston Railroad (later know as the Boston and Northern Railroad Company) around the beginning of the twentieth century. Maps from the era show the line running along Lynnfield Street and then turning up Great Woods Road, following the present day path of the road. The railroad company had to install an 800-foot long retaining wall along Great Woods Road so that the carriage path could be widened to avoid having the electric cars frighten the horses. This wall still exists today.

The railroad company sponsored free concerts at Blood Swamp Landing (the area now known as the Great Woods Parking Lot) as a commercial venture. Concert goers would need to buy trolley tickets to get to the park. The concerts were very popular. On one occasion in
September of 1905, eight thousand trolley tickets were sold in a single day. The Park
Commissioners estimated that a total of over 10,000 people attended the concert! The
Commissioners considered the event to be a success and said that thanks to the "presence of police officers in citizens' cloths [sic]", little damage was done to the woods.

There was mention of another station on the Pennybrook side which dropped passengers near Lantern Rock. Unfortunately, it seems that no photographs exist of this structure. A search of the woods around Lantern Rock did not reveal any evidence of either a structure or a roadbed, so the location and appearance of this station remains a mystery.

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