Earthfest 2003

by Karen Searles

On a cold, rainy April 26, 2003, over 55 hearty people met at the Park House in Lynn Woods to help celebrate Earthfest 2003.

Sponsors of the event included: North Shore Community College, North Shore Community College Program Council, General Electric ELFUN Society, Lynn Water and Sewer Commission, Lynn Woods Park Rangers, Friends of Lynn Woods, Massachusetts Community Water Watch,
Massachusetts Student PIRG, Raytheon Media Solutions, and Dave Simmons.

At 8:00 AM, coffee, donuts and juice were provided to help the volunteers fortify themselves for the cold work ahead. Free tee shirts, gloves, and bandanas were given to the workers by North Shore Community College. The Lynn
Water and Sewer Commission provided free water and water bottles. The LWSC also passed out free leak testing kits and water flow kits to help conserve water.

Ranger Dan Small, Friends of Lynn Woods member Bob Siebel, and Lynn Water & Sewer Commission Worker Rick Dawe acted as team leaders and led several parties of
volunteers into the Woods. Ranger Dan was unable to plant the hundreds of sugar maple and ash seedlings which were donated by the Lofty Oaks Society.

Rick Dawe's group helped with the clean-ups along Breeds Pond near B Street and Lynnwood Street, removing lots of trash from the Woods. Bob Siebel took a small group to an area near Walnut Street that has been neglected for quite a while.

A third group of volunteers went into the Rose Garden and helped prune rose bushes and rake leaves from the beds and the paths leading into the garden. Rose Garden
Committee Chairman Duane Walzer said about 12 volunteers helped give the Committee a good head-start for the coming summer season. Esther Howe, Harvey & Winnie Robinson, and President Mark McInerney also worked in the Rose
Garden on Saturday.

Marguerite Puleo and Karen Searles helped man a FLW information table with free maps, pens, and brochures for the volunteers.

The Cape Ann Vernal Pool Group had an large exhibit on Creatures of the Vernal Pool, which delighted the young people at the event.

Dave Simmons performed on his acoustic guitar before an enthusiastic crowd during lunch time.

Pizza and sodas were provided to the workers for lunch by the Lynn Water and Sewer Commission.

All in all, it was a very successful event and much was accomplished in spite of the bad weather.

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