Have You Visited Lynn Woods Lately?

Rangers Dan Small and Ken Dague, along with General Electric's Elfun Society and our first vice-president, Jim Shirley, have been making improvements to the Park House and to the Woods.

Ranger Dan regularly walks the reservation, checking for trash that needs to be picked up and for any problems that may arise, such as downed trees that need to be moved. Ranger Ken takes kids' groups on tours of the Woods, leading classes in orienteering.

The Elfun Society, a volunteer organization, built an arbor next to the Park House, replaced the first floor ceiling, and built new tool storage racks and a workbench in the basement. Plans are being made to create a
butterfly garden. Jim Shirley did the electrical work, installing new lights and more.

You can make arrangements for childrens' groups (Scout troops, school groups, church groups, etc.) to tour the woods by calling 781-477-7123.

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