"Quest for Survival" Presented at Membership Meeting

Leslie Courtemanche of Lynn, MA, received a grant from LynnArts, Inc., a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, to print her book Quest for Survival, an Appreciation of Local Wildflowers, a book of photographs of wildflowers. The photographs show the intricate beauty of wildflowers that most of us can see almost everyday.

We may think of wildflowers as weeds; but her photographs present them as little jewels in the wild. According to her book, wherever there is dirt, water, light and even the tiniest bit of space, we see them heroically reaching up to the sun in an effort to bloom and attract a pollinator to ensure their future. The book also includes a discussion concerning the importance of wildflowers to the ecosystem, especially to birds and insects who need the nectar and seeds in order to survive.

Leslie presented a slide show about her book at the membership meeting on September 4, 2002, and answered questions. She donated a signed book for a raffle, with proceeds benefiting the FLW. Steve Babbitt, former FLW president, was the lucky winner.

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